Data Transfer and Recovery

When buying new computers, it is not without reason that you would want your existing data transferred across to the new system or that you have encountered a problem on your existing system and are no longer able to access the data on it.

We charge a fixed rate of 30.00 including VAT for this service which covers the backup of all documents, photos, music and videos from an existing system or hard disk (including external devices) onto either the hard disk of a new system.

Should you need us to transfer/restore this information to an external device such as external hard disk or USB memory stick, there will also be a charge for the additional hardware (see our Consumables page for hardware pricing).

In cases where the data is more difficult to retrieve, or there is a large amount of data to be transferred we reserve the right to increase this cost depending on how much additional time it is going to take us to complete the task.  We will always contact you prior to proceeding with the work in this instance and advise you of the additional costs.


In the event that your system has suffered major disk failure, we have expertise in recovering data even from disks which can no longer by recognised by the operating system.  Data recovery charges start from 100 including VAT for a standard consumer or external USB hard disk drive up to 1Tb.  This includes the cost of replacement media to restore the recovered data onto.  Whilst we cannot offer any guarantees about the recovered file structure or the amount of data which can be recovered, many custoemrs have been surprised by the amount of data recovered from their failed storage devices which they had deleted a number of years ago!  Our data recovery service is VERY comprehensive!

For further information on our Data transfer and recovery services, please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire) or email our Sales department.