System Rebuilds

We recommend a System Healthcheck periodically to ensure your system is running smoothly, however for times when the system has ground to a halt or will no longer boot into the operating system properly, we may have to take more drastic action and perform a full system rebuild.

This involves us performing a full wipe of your hard disk before re-installing your original operating system and any additional or pre-supplied applications.

The benefits of a full system rebuild are that it reverts your system back to how it was when you originally received it.  There's nothing clogging up the memory or hard disk, we always install the latest hardware device drivers and default software applications where possible and we apply our own tweaks and tools to make sure the system is running to its optimal performance.

We also give each system a full checkup, make sure that all of the components in the unit are working as they should do and we also give it a clean-out inside too!

For systems where the primary hard disk is damaged, where a virus has got deep hold of the system or where the operating system is damaged beyond simple recovery this is always our preferred method of fixing your problems and gets you back up and running as quickly as possible.

We charge a fixed-rate of 70.00 including VAT for our system rebuild service.  This does not include the backup and restoration of any system data.  Our standard backup/recovery fee is 30.00 including VAT.


If your system is running slow or you are having problems with your operating system then give us a call on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire).