We do not charge a call-out fee.
We do not charge for diagnostics if the equipment is bought into our office.
We do not charge if we cannot fix the problem.

Rascom I.T. offer competitive pricing for all of our work.  Some of our work is covered by fixed-rate pricing and all work is undertaken on a no-fix, no-fee policy.  We offer free initial diagnostics prior to undertaking any repair work.

We are fully insured and VAT-registered.  This sometimes means that our pricing is higher than 'someone up the road...', 'a friend's mate...' or 'this bloke down the pub...'.  However, all of our work is guaranteed, we have full public liability insurance up to 1,000,000 and we pay our taxes.  We are a reputable business with almost fifteen years of trading and many happy (and loyal) customers.  And we're generally lower-priced, quicker and friendlier that the High Street stores.

Our standard hourly rate for telephone, email and remote support assistance is 36.00 inc VAT.  For all onsite work we charge 50.00 including VAT per hour.  We charge a minimum of 30 minutes for all offsite and onsite work undertaken, rounded to the nearest 30 minutes.  However, we are quite relaxed and don't mind giving a bit of free assistance and advice via telephone and email if the solution is quick and simple.

There is no travel charge for attending meetings or customer support calls within 15miles of either our Calne office or our Hampshire office (whichever is the closest to the customer).  For customers outside of this distance, we charge the Government's allowance rate of 48pence per mile excluding VAT in a round-trip (shortest route according to Google Maps).


For further information, please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire) or email our Sales department.