Live Support

Over half of all support calls to us are now resolved using our remote support tool.

This enables us to take control of your computer system remotely (only with your prior permission) to see the problem in real-time and then resolve it without needing us to be onsite to fix the issue.  Not only does this result in your computer problems being fixed quicker but it is also cheaper to provide remote support services than for an onsite visit.

Having tested a number of packages over the years, Rascom I.T. favour the use of the TeamViewer remote support product.  With this application we can fix issues on Windows and Apple systems as well as mobile devices and smartphones running on Windows, Android and iOS.

Select your operating system and click on the icon below to download our Remote Support tool.  If the file does not download correctly, click on Alternate Link for additional download options - select the platform your device is running on and then scroll down the screen to access the remote support tool.

Remote support tool for Microsoft Windows systems Remote support tool for Apple systems Download TeamViewer remote support software for Android devices
Alternative link   For Android systems For Apple systems

Customers can see what we are doing on their system(s) at all times.  We never blank or hide the screen display and are happy to discuss what we are doing at each and every step.  Every remote support connection uses a unique access key which is generated randomly when the software application is executed.  Once the remote support session is finished and the application has been closed down we cannot access the system again using the same details unless a customer specifically requests us to configure an 'Unattended Access' remote support session.

The remote connection is completely secure and uses an encrypted transmission to pass data between our controlling system and the end-user's system.

Please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire) or email our Sales department for more information on our support packages.