Rascom I.T. can supply laptop solutions for a wide range of applications.

From simple systems for educational use to general home applications or high-end gaming or CAD design, we have a range of products to suit all needs.  From personal and previous experience, we commonly supply solutions from specific brand-name manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Toshiba and Acer.

As with our desktop systems, we do not use or recommend Intel Celeron-powered systems as we feel these are unpowered for regular usage and often see customers complaining that their systems are running slowly shortly after purchasing their new systems.  For only a very little extra, systems powered by an Intel Pentium-based or better processor offer much better value for money, increased performance and generally have a longer lifespan.

Our entry-level laptops start from 299.99 inc VAT.  This type of system features an Intel Pentium processor and 4Gb of system memory.  Wireless networking is now a standard addition to any system, as is a 15,6" widescreen display and internal DVD-writer.  Most laptops come with a one year manufacturers hardware warranty as standard.

These systems are ideal for home or educational usage and we can also supply Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for just 125.00 inc VAT - this includes software installation and license activation.  We only use and supply genuine Microsoft products, we do not deal in unlicensed or illegal software.

We also include a free initial set-up service so that your new system is ready to use as soon as you connect it all up and switch it on - including installing all of the relevant system updates as well as the installation and updating of any additional software applications as requested.

If you are replacing an existing system, we can also transfer documents and other data from your old computer onto the new system for just 30 inc VAT.


For those looking for a higher-performance system, we have Intel Core-i3 powered systems for home use starting at just 349.99 inc VAT, or the even higher Intel Core-i5 powered systems from 499.99 inc VAT.  For alternative options, larger screen sizes or specific requirements, please contact us.


For customers looking to buy systems for business usage, we have systems available from 449.99 inc VAT.  These commonly include the Professional version of the Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 operating system, are generally of a higher build quality but also commonly lighter in weight for greater portability.


For further information on our range of laptops, please call our office on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire) or email our Sales department.