System Healthcheck

Most people get their vehicles serviced every year, why shouldn't your computer system be treated the same?

You use it most days, they build up an enormous amount of temporary files, old settings, unwanted applications and even malware and viruses.  And that's not even accounting for the dust, food crumbs and whatever else ends up lingering in fans and under keyboards!

Bring your system in to us and Rascom I.T. will perform a full system healthcheck on your computer hardware for you (laptops or desktops).

We clean the insides of it out to make sure it is as clean as possible - a dust-free fan helps to avoid the processor overheating and ultimately failing (a costly repair).  You don't want to know what we've found inside some of the cases we've looked inside over the years (some very dead but very large spiders for a start!).

We will check the performance of the processor, memory, hard disk, power supply and fans to make sure they are running as they should do and advise you if we have any concerns about their lifespan.

We check the operating system for updates, applying all those that are necessary and making sure your updates are configured correctly.

Hardware device drivers will be updated.  Those are the bits that put sounds through your speakers, images on your monitor and make the whole system run correctly.  Most people never update these parts but as they are the fundamental components of your computer system it is good to make sure that they are working as they should do and working to to latest versions available from the hardware manufacturer to iron out any bugs in the software or make the components work better.

We will also perform a virus scan to make sure the system is clean from viruses any other nasty software which could be lurking in the background.

Our system healthcheck service is a fixed-rate service priced at 50.00 including VAT.  This includes providing you with a report upon collection outlining what we have done on the system, information such as disk space reclaimed, registry entries cleared etc. and also any additional information or notifications such as any problems we have found or recommendations we may have.


To book your computer in for a System Healthcheck, call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire) or email our Sales department.  Due to the work required, we ask for systems to be bought into our office for this service.  We normally have a 3-5 working day turnaround for this service due to the number of tasks we undertake on the systems.  Further time may be required if there are a large number of updates required or if we diagnose further problems on the system.