Cloud Solutions

Rascom I.T. have partnered with a selection of carefully picked solution providers to offer cloud-based solutions.

AVG Cloudcare  -  Internet Security

AVG Cloudcare provides complete Internet security and protection for your business or individual computers.  It provides all of the standard protection you expect from your normal antivirus package but includes added benefits of manageability from a centralised internet portal with annual or monthly subscription-based payments so you only pay for what you need and your license will never expire as long as your subscribed.

The AVG Cloudcare solution can be managed by us (the preferred choice), by yourselves or a combination of both.  As AVG partners, we can offer excellent pricing and the best solution for your business.

AVG Cloudcare offers protection from viruses, spyware, spam and malware.  Company-wide, departmental-specific or workstation-specific policies can be applied to allow or block users from certain functions or accessing specific websites.  In the event of any security issues, assigned contacts can be notified immediately so that the threat can be monitored and dealt with quickly and effectively.

For further information on AVG Cloudcare, please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire).


Cloud Direct  -  Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business data is one of your most important assets.  Losing your data due to hardware failure or accidental/malicious damage could be a real disaster.  Whilst all businesses should have some form of data backup in place, the most common practice is for someone to be designated as being responsible for taking those backups.  But what happens if they're ill, or they don't do the backup, or they don't take the backup media offsite?

Available for both PC's and Mac's, Cloud Direct's backup solutions for workstations and servers automatically back up your data to secure off-site servers whilst also allowing for easy data retrieval and recovery should the worst happen.  Once the initial backup has completed, the Cloud Direct software only performs an incremental backup storing only those files which have been changed or added to resulting in a quick, yet effective, backup.

For further information on Cloud Direct backup solutions, please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire).


Simply Mail Solutions  -  Hosted email solutions

Move your email to the Cloud for ease of use, increased reliability and resilience and a centrally-managed platform.  Simply Mail Solutions provide hosted email solutions for home users, small-to-medium businesses and also major corporations throughout the UK.  With a range of packages to suit all businesses, you can access your emails from computers, phones and tablets and keep all of your email data synchronised between all devices.

Pricing starts from just 12.00pa excluding VAT per user.

For further information on Simply Mail Solutions' hosted email services, please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire).