Disk Cleansing

We've all seen and heard the reports of people's data turning up in the hands of the wrong people when they've disposed of their old computer system.

No-one wants their personal data, be in documents, photos, private correspondence, usernames or passwords being found by someone and potentially used for illegal purposes.

Rascom I.T. offer a comprehensive disk cleansing service for those wishing to dispose of their computer equipment by using latest-generation technology to secure wipe the contents of your hard disk drive which meets, or exceeds, Government security standards.

We charge a fixed-rate fee of 30 including VAT for our disk cleansing service.


For customers wishing for us to dispose of their old I.T. equipment, we employ the services of a National reputable recycling company to dispose of, and recycle, your old computer equipment.  The company hold all of the required environmental and WEEE Disposal certifications and also irretrievably wipe all data from any systems transferred to them prior to destruction for complete security.

There is no charge for customers wishing for us to dispose of their computer equipment.


For further information, please call us on 01243 374585 (Hampshire) or 01249 811999 (Wiltshire) or email our Sales department.